Why can’t we be friends?

I’m so tired of politics. I really am. I honestly am so tired of the lying, the cheating, the stealing. The blatant ridiculous claims that have no basis. I hate that my country is divided into to two camps of people that are completely blind and deaf to logic and reason (and each other). The problem with believing one is absolutely right is that you ignore the fact that life does not depend on your understanding of it. The unknown is not to be feared, but to be studied and explored. The world does not exist in the confines of your experience. The technology that is supposed to bring us together has instead further divided us by creating for us a world that is a completely contained universe of self-actualizing egotism. I think therefore I am has morphed into a zombie-like, I believe blindly therefore it is. No thinking required. No understanding. No one has to understand what they believe and why. No one has to challenge their thoughts with differing opinions or opposing experiences. Our lives are now fully contained. Even science picks and chooses data to support the outcome desired. What happened to truth? What happened to logic and reason, and what the hell happened to the American way?

Freedom is simply the right to take control of your own life by accepting responsibility for making your own choices and dealing with the consequences of those choices. That’s it. Nothing is owed to anyone or guaranteed. Happiness is not a right. There’s no way to guarantee success. There’s no way to make people believe what you believe or live the way you want them to live. Once we begin to accept our differences and celebrate them, we will finally be on the way to working and living together in harmony.

The left wants everyone to agree with their definition of what it is to be different. You’re not really a woman or a minority unless you ascribe to their liberal mantras. The right wants you to live as they believe you should. You shouldn’t marry unless you live and believe the way they live and believe. Love and marriage is defined by their world view. They are both WRONG.

The Constitution is supposed to guarantee that a person’s individual liberty is preserved in order to allow a person to determine his or her own destiny. Once the government oversteps protecting a person’s life, liberty and right to pursue happiness, the government is no longer serving the purpose of the people, but rather serving its own purpose of exercising power over its citizens. Efforts from the left and the right to try to define morality or force unnecessary restrictions or actions is against the whole purpose of everything this country is supposed to stand for. Our country would be better served with a government that only has two functions: enforcing laws that protect its citizens from bodily harm and protecting our country from foreign threat. That’s it. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. The government should not have the right to try to control anyone’s personal choices.

You want to get high. Get high. Go ahead. If you neglect your children, they will be removed to protect them from your poor choices. But go ahead. Do what you want. If you want to own a gun, then own a gun. Use your gun for violence against the innocent,you go to jail. That’s it. You abuse your freedoms to hurt others, you lose your freedom.  You don’t want to pay for healthcare, then don’t. You might end up in debt if you fall sick, but that’s your right to choose. You don’t like that a company doesn’t want to offer your certain benefits including health care, don’t work for that company. An employment agreement should be between you and the employer. A company should not need to show religious reasons for not wanting to provide anything. They should be allowed to offer what they want to offer, and you’re free to accept it or not.

Over regulation is how corrupt businesses thrive. The really bad businesses that thwart laws through loopholes are the only winners. Don’t believe me, check your facts. Do your research. Regulations only help the regulators line their pockets, everyone else gets to wade through a sea of b.s.

Immigration should not be hard. Build barriers to keep the criminals out. Make it easier for hardworking and the oppressed to become part of our country. Most of all, make countries that send their citizens our way due to their corrupt or inadequate ways of handling the wellbeing of their own citizens answer before the world. You don’t want us to police you? Great, then stop trying to get us to solve all your humanitarian problems. The world is too big to fit inside our country. We need to hold other countries accountable for the situation their occupants face.

The simplest solution is always the best. If people stop shouting their pre-packaged unoriginal bumper sticker political lines they regurgitate from misleading politicians maybe we could actually fix some things. It’s not that hard. Free your mind, think for yourself. You might find you have more common ground with your “enemy” than you realize.

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