I fell in love with Anne of Green Gables from the moment (in the book and in the movie) when she smashed Gilbert over the head with a slate because he called her “Carrots”. I love every minute of Anne’s interactions with Gilbert. I love that he called her Carrots. I even love the fact that she has complete contempt for him through most of the story until she ultimately discovers she loves him. It’s a classic story. It’s a period story of innocence and raw, natural beauty. Her nickname is Carrots.

I love carrots. I do. I mean, it’s the perfect veggie. Raw it’s crunchy and delicious, just a little bit sweet. Cooked it can be mashed or just drizzled with oil or butter for a treat during the holidays. All my four kids (2 daughters, a step daughter and a step son) all love carrots. Not too long ago we bought a Vitamix (our Blendtec died, may it rest in peace). I found out that I needed to buy more carrots, because I couldn’t stop blending the little orange devils, which unfortunately led to a depletion of carrots for the kids’ lunches. Want a snack? Grab a carrot. I offer my five year old some grapes, and she demands a carrot. But she’ll drink the grapes, if I blend it up with some strawberries and (you guessed it) a carrot. I give carrots to my 7 month old black lab. He loves them. I give carrots to my husband, and even he tolerates them. (I think secretly he loves them, but he’s just a bit ornery when it comes to raw veggies). The trick is to buy the regular, whole, came out of the ground the way God and nature intended kind of carrots. All baby carrots, including organic (and I really hope you decide to buy organic, because it really is better for you, affecting the nutritional content in your food) baby carrots are all washed with chlorine. This can lead to a reaction (usually slight) such as itching in your mouth. This happens to my husband and my step son, so be aware that the best way to go is to just suck it up and peel the beauties yourself. Anyway, I have a membership at Costco, and I bought 10 lbs of carrots. Which, just so we’re clear, is really awesome. Yay! Carrots for days. The first meal we had after that featured a peeled, yet uncut carrot on everyone’s plate. Who doesn’t want to pay tribute to Bugs Bunny (the answer is no one. No one doesn’t want to pay tribute to Bugs Bunny). What’s up, Doc. Lots and lots of carrots.

So, in closing, I ask you, is there any reason to not eat a carrot? Unless you are allergic, in which case you have my deepest sympathies, the answer is a resounding no. So grab some and start munching. Pair with some grapes and leave the dressing behind. Carrots, like you, are great just they way they are.